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1/29/2022 | Benzinga Crypto

'Dogecoin Millionaire' Claims A Visa-Based Dogecard Is In The Works

'Dogecoin Millionaire' Claims A Visa-Based Dogecard Is In The Works

What Happened: In a Friday night tweet, Contessoto shared an image of the purported card with his over 208,000 followers.

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There were various reactions to the tweet, with some expressing support for such a collaboration.

Other replies doubted the idea, and said that Contessoto was doing more harm than good with his tweet.

Another follower said that Doge co-founder Billy Markus has already indicated his opposition to the idea of a Dogecoin credit card.

Why It Matters: Visa and Mastercard Inc have already engaged in crypto-related partnerships. Mastercard announced a deal with Coinbase Global Inc earlier this month, for customers to be able to use Mastercard credit and debit cards to make purchases on the crypto exchange’s upcoming NFT marketplace.

Visa, meanwhile, partnered with BlockFi in 2020 to let cardholders receive 1.5% of their purchases back in BTC.

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