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12/30/2022 | BBC

Dogecoin dog makes miraculous recovery

Dogecoin dog makes miraculous recovery

The internet has heaved a sigh of relief over the surprising recovery of a dog which sparked a viral meme and became the face of a cryptocurrency.

Kabosu, an adorable 17-year-old shiba inu from Japan, fell sick on Christmas Eve. Her owner Atsuko Sato posted on Instagram, describing her condition as "very dangerous" and saying the dog had stopped drinking and eating - the post drew thousands of wishes.

She also revealed that the the dog has chronic lymphoma leukaemia, a type of cancer, and acute cholangiohepatitis, an inflammatory condition of the liver and bile ducts.

But Ms Sato's latest post - on Friday - says Kabosu is able to finish her meals, drink plenty of water, and even go for a short walk in the park.

"I'm amazed how quickly she bounced back," Ms Sato said, addressing her 422,000 followers and thanking them for their support.

"The Miracle of Kabosu couldn't have happened without your warm wishes and prayers," she wrote.

Kabosu's fans and the cryptocurrency community certainly rallied behind her in the last few days on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram.

The world first learnt of Kabosu when she went viral in 2013 in a meme. The craze soon sparked a flurry of "doge" memes - a long-ago accidental misspelling of dog amused the internet and quickly became popular.

Later that year, two programmers launched a cryptocurrency - Dogecoin - with Kabosu as its face.

It was meant to be a joke but last year, Dogecoin's value shot up by some 4,000% after Elon Musk dubbed it "the people's crypto".

It has since fallen as cryptocurrencies everywhere crashed.

But it's still currently the only digital currency Mr Musk's electric car manufacturer Tesla accepts.

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