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11/12/2022 | Cryptonomist

Fuel Your Crypto Wallet With Rocketize and Dogecoin

Fuel Your Crypto Wallet With Rocketize and Dogecoin


A relatively recent development in cryptocurrency is meme coins. Meme coins are digital currency modelled after popular internet jokes known as memes. Meme coin values vary depending on the community that supports the coin. The value of the currency rises as more individuals buy it. Because of this, meme coins emphasise community development.

Most cryptocurrencies on the market have been negatively affected by the crypto crash that occurred on the 8th of November, 2022. However, meme coins have a unique ability to rise back up a lot faster due to their community backing. This quarter, coins like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Rocketize (JATO) are the go-to resilient investment options.

Rocketize Will Launch Your Portfolio Higher

Rocketize is a meme coin with a galactic theme. As a meme coin, it strives to be community driven. The coin’s community is known as The “Atomic Nation”. The coin’s native token is the JATO token. JATO, a deflationary token, is constructed on the BNB Smart Chain.

A deflationary effect will result from JATO’s combustion. A 2% tax will be added to each JATO transaction. This tax will be divided in half, with half going into JATO wallets and the other half being burned. Thanks to this procedure, a deflationary effect will result from JATO’s combustion and make the coin appealing to more people. Who wouldn’t want deflation over inflation?

Since Rocketize has yet to be launched, none of this year’s cryptocurrency crashes impacted the meme coin. A community and value are being developed for the coin before it is released. The community behind the coin is sure to help its launch land it up with the stars.

Dogecoin May Explode Again

Dogecoin was developed in 2013 as a funny response to Bitcoin (BTC). The creators never intended it to be taken seriously. But a small community of cryptocurrency and meme lovers started to take an interest in it, and it started to grow in popularity.

Smaller crypto groups saw continued growth in this community. The coin eventually became viral on Twitter. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, shared a tweet about Dogecoin and declared it to be his new favourite cryptocurrency. Following this, the coin started gaining enormous popularity thanks to Musk’s influence in the cryptocurrency space.

Since Musk bought Twitter, Dogecoin’s popularity has increased even further, and its price has increased by about 150%. However, this all changed after the crypto crash, where Dogecoin, like many other cryptocurrencies on the market, fell. Though stunting the coin for a second, it will likely rise right back up.

With its notorious endorser Elon Musk still making significant changes to Twitter, Dogecoin may be impacted. Crypto price changes depending on what is happening worldwide, and massive changes are occurring on the Twitter platform. This insinuates it may be advantageous to have DOGE tokens if you’re a Twitter user.

To Summarise

Meme coins are a relatively new form of cryptocurrency. They are primarily community-based coins with light-hearted themes. Dogecoin and Rocketize are great examples of what meme coins are capable of, showcasing the unique but capable form of currency.

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