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10/6/2022 | U.TODAY

Nearly 1 Billion DOGE Transferred After Elon Musk Resumed Buying Twitter

Nearly 1 Billion DOGE Transferred After Elon Musk Resumed Buying Twitter

As reported by Whale Alert, a service that tracks massive transfers of crypto on various chains, slightly over two hours ago, an astounding amount of meme coin DOGE was sent on the blockchain. This was close to half a billion meme coins. A day earlier, an even bigger sum of DOGE was shifted; together, this makes up almost one billion DOGE within two days. 386 million DOGE sent by anonymous wallet A total of 386,082,773 Dogecoins were sent between two anonymous wallets, as Whale Alert spotted. This amount of meme coins is evaluated at $25,187,368. Over the past two days, this is the second transaction of that size that has been noticed by the aforementioned crypto tracking service. On Oct. 5, 449,999,998 DOGE were shifted, making it roughly 836 million Dogecoin. Also, on the same day, according to the same source, two lumps of SHIB — one trillion meme coins each — were detected; these two trillion Shiba Inu were transferred to the Coinbase exchange, apparently to be sold. These large amounts of meme coins were shifted after Tesla boss Elon Musk decided to go back to closing the purchase deal with Twitter. In the comments to today's DOGE transfer, some Twitter users jokingly assumed whether these Dogecoins were sent by the centibillionaire, who is a great fan of DOGE and who mentioned several times that if he buys Twitter, he would integrate DOGE payments on the platform.

3 things Musk is expected to integrate on Twitter Yesterday, the Twitter account of influential trading group Crypto Rand tweeted what it expects Elon Musk to add/change to the social media giant as soon as he closes the deal. These three things were the addition of the edit button, hunting fake accounts (bots) down, and integrating purchases in cryptocurrencies. Earlier, Musk suggested that adding DOGE as a payment option to Twitter Blue subscriptions could be possible if he owns the platform.

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