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11/1/2022 | Evening Standar

Revolut customers given cashback in Dogecoin with launch of new crypto card

Revolut customers given cashback in Dogecoin with launch of new crypto card

The new feature can be activated on the card of any existing Revolut customer

Brits will soon be able to buy a pint of milk with Dogecoin as fintech firm Revolut launches a crypto card in the UK.

Revolut’s Pay with Crypto feature offers customers a 1% cashback in crypto for purchases paid with any of the close to 100 supported tokens, including Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum. The cashback is paid out in the same currency that the spend is in – so if the spend is in Dogecoin the 1% cashback is also paid out in Dogecoin.

The new feature can be activated on any existing card, allowing customers to switch between the currencies they spend from, including digital currencies.

Alongside the launch, Revolut has created a series of ‘Learn & Earn’ courses designed to help customers improve their knowledge of cryptocurrencies and related topics, including blockchains, and the most popular tokens and protocols.

Emil Urmanshin, Revolut’s Crypto General Manager, said: “This year we have not only increased the number of cryptocurrencies available in the Revolut app to close to 100 tokens and launched Crypto Learn & Earn education courses enjoyed by millions of our customers.

“Now, we are making crypto even more mainstream, by empowering people to use crypto-enabled cards to spend their tokens for everyday purchases.”

It comes after boss of Mastercard announced a partnership with world’s biggest crypto exchange to introduce digital currency payments in high street stores.

The card company’s CEO said it was working with Binance to let people use their crypto holdings in over 90 million shops that accept Mastercard payments.

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