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Burnt Hair Available With Dogecoin Payments

Burnt Hair Available With Dogecoin Payments

Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, Tesla and the tunnel making Boring Company has recently made his debut in the perfume industry with a new omnigender fragrance called “Burnt Hair”.

Elon Musk Tweet " With a name like mine, getting into the fragrance business was inevitable - why did I even fight it for so long!?"

Not A Flamethrower

Previously in 2018, Musk produced a product at The Boring Company called “Not A Flamethrower''. Contrary to what the title reads, it was actually a functioning flamethrower. However it IS completely legal for commercial purchase in the US as it does not shoot flames over a long distance.

Following this release, there have now been over 1,000 flamethrowers confiscated worldwide. The product was discontinued after the sale of over 20,000 flamethrowers.

Burnt Hair by Elon Musk | Burnt Hair Price

Musk tweeted the availability of his new fragrance on tuesday October 11th, describing it as the “finest fragrance on earth”. He even changed his Twitter bio to read “Perfume Salesman”. This perfume can be found on The Boring Company’s website at the cost of $100.00 a bottle.

Just for clarification, yes, this is definitely a real product. Musk has termed his new perfume as omnigender as well meaning both men and women can use it.

Humorously tying in to his previous product, Elon Musk teased that this new fragrance is a byproduct of The Boring Company Flamethrower. Burnt Hair perfume is not being promoted as a good smelling product either. The Burnt Hair product page on the Boring Company website has very little information about it.

Their new fragrance is described as "the essence of repugnant desire” on their product page. There are a few of Musk’s Twitter quotes on there as well suggesting that Burnt Hair smells “just like leaning over a candle at the dinner table but without all the work” and that it will help you “stand out in a crowd!” and “Get noticed as you walk through an airport.”

Elon Musk has made over $1 million in sales from his new product. He stated Tuesday evening that he’s sold over 10,000 bottles of Burnt Hair. He tweeted “ Can’t wait for media stories tomorrow about $1M of Burnt Hair Sold”

Elon Musk Tweets: "the finest fragrance on Earth!" "And you can pay with Doge"

Purchasing Burnt Hair With Dogecoin

There has recently been an influx of businesses that have started offering and accepting crypto payment methods. With the release of Burnt Hair on The Boring Company's website, Elon Musk announced that people can even purchase the new exotic fragrance with Dogecoin.

Similar to Tesla purchases and The Loop in Las Vegas, Musk wanted to allow people to make payments with Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency that he is highly in favor of. These payment options make purchasing his new fragrance as simple as pulling out your Dogecoin wallet.

So, if you want to smell like burnt hair without having to actually burn your hair, there seems like no better time than the present.

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