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Doge Exchange Partners with Transak

Man Boarding A Plane | Doge Exchange Partners With Transak

The Doge Exchange has partnered with Transak for faster and smoother on-ramp card processing transactions. Transak is a developer integration that enables its users to onboard global users from fiat to crypto using local payment methods. Onboarded users can buy, sell and gain access to a blockchain protocol within your app or website.

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Transak offers a simple integration that allows your users to buy more than 100+ cryptocurrencies with a variety of payment options. This includes credit cards, debit cards, or online bank transfers in more than 125 countries. The future looks bright as Transak is Continuously adding new currencies, blockchains, digital assets and protocols.

Transak has the best function in web3. We are excited to bring the features to Doge Exchange users buying or selling crypto from

How Transak Works

Transak users will enter the total amount along with the type of cryptocurrency that they want to purchase. Then provide an address where the cryptocurrency is going to be sent. Using smart contracts, Transak connects the user to liquidity on both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

It also handles all KYC, fiat payment methods, crypto coverage along with regulation and compliance.

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Transak Features:

  • LIQUIDITY - Sourcing liquidity from 10+ exchanges to offer the best price

  • GLOBAL PAYMENT METHODS - Bank transfers & local payment methods in 125+ countries

  • RISK ENGINE - Robust risk engine with < 0.05% fraud rate

  • DEVELOPER TOOLKIT - Highly customizable, secure & self-serve SDK

  • REUSABLE KYC - Transak KYC is shared with the app and reused for seamless onboarding

  • COMPLIANT - FCA Authorized in the UK and MSB in the USA

Transak is authorized, regulated and secure. Their onboarding program has solid global coverage and can onboard users in over 100 apps. Using Transak with Doge Exchange, you can buy crypto to any of your crypto wallets directly, just start here.

The Partner Onboarding Process

  • Create a partner account and access the dashboard

  • Provide your business information along with any specific needs

  • Users will then have to verify their business on our KYB Form (Know Your Business). This is important to enable your production API key and live transactions

  • Follow the integration guide to integrate Transak into your app or site.

  • Customize your transak integration to provide an amazing user experience to buy cryptocurrency through your app or site.

  • It's IMPORTANT to test your integration, customization setup and user journey with the provided staging environment before going live with your settings. This ensures smooth operation for users.

  • Once your business has been reviewed and your KYB Form has been approved. It's then time to enable users to perform live transactions through your app or site!

  • Transak provides ongoing support to answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

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